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Desc:Talks about how the Dead sodomize, torture and kill children in an underground satanic playground.
Tags:conspiracy, Satanic, The Grateful Dead
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Comment count is 17
Does anyone know how much the Feds pay for children to give to bands for satanic torture purposes? Just out of curiosity, of course.

Grateful Dead? Aren't they all dead?

Tell me about Satanic bands that have been Satanic in my lifetime, please.
Caminante Nocturno
Oh, come on. There's no way the Grateful Dead go shopping for sacrificial children under the streets. I'm certain they have the children delivered to their homes for them. It's not like they can't afford to.
Killer Joe
"...or so I've heard."
Vestigial Johnson
that part is pure gold

Not Jerry, though.
I really hope he gets his ass sued for defamation of character.
This is completely false. McNally is a biographer, and Robin's only in Ratdog. And they only threw *LSD* in the kids' faces; saying "acid" there is misleading. Plus, how does he know about the tree of skulls? He can't prove that, no one is supposed to know about the tree of skulls.

This reminds me of the guy who worked at a place next door to one of my previous workplaces, who was known for go on out-of-nowhere rambles about which Hollywood celebs were secret high ranking Freemasons/Satan worshippers while outside the building on smoke breaks.

He also once hit on one of my co-workers, attempted to ask her out to see a movie, which including telling her that she was "beautiful, like one of my many beautiful sisters. Or a daughter of Jesus" and admitting he'd been a virgin until he was 32.
For extra credibility, be sure to end your Youtube rant by inviting everyone to watch your child torture videos.

I love how complimentary he is of their killing methods. "Creatively horrifying!"
You know, most of these people are just roleplaying, they really don't believe all the bs they say, you can tell it by just looking on their faces. If you felt the world was full of satanists, aliens, reptiles, free-masons rapists, and that the world is ending you wouldn't be making daily videos of that. You would be out there either fighting it or trying to build your own bunker.

All that said i have to say, this fellow looks quite convinced of what he's talking about. He seems to be on the edge of a nervous breakdown. That or he just wishes somebody would invite him to the satanic orgies.
One time the Dead got so stoned they played with two drummers at once and didn't even notice.
^ (not my joke)

But I don't totally discount this video. After a live king solomons I usually do a little satanic raping to blow off some steam.

Big Muddy
I guess you're talking about a live stage performance of King Solomon's Mines with Richard Chamberlain & Sharon Stone right? Now that's a classy way to invoke Satan.

"Welcome to the Satanic Playground. Might I interest you in any of our specials today?"
This guy's entire collection is awesomely evil batshit crazypants. I find it hard to find a high water mark, it's a flood.
What's he reading from?
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