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Desc:The first episode of the fan made saga.
Category:Short Films
Tags:star trek, arkansas, romulan wars
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Comment count is 9
How'd everyone in the future get so chunky?
Don't you think people 200 years ago would be saying the same of us? Obviously, the trend just continued.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Are the creators of this not aware of YouTube's existence?
Is this a porno? I only watched the first part and skipped around a lot (like a porno)
Spike Jonez
Yes, mankind was destoryed.
Hubba Bubba Nightmare
Was that a Nickelback song at the begining?
Yes. It's called "If Today Was Your Last Day". It's in the credits, didn't you watch the thing? Sheesh.

I watched the whole thing. I want more! More! More!

Also: "Special Guest Star Voice - Captain Archer: Scott Bakula"

Also from the credits:

Based O
Star Trek

created by
Gene Roddenberr

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