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Desc:I can't even describe the level of douchiness in this video.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:douchebag, douchebags, glenn beck, howtheworldworks, douchiness xtreeeeem!
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Comment count is 13
I like how at the end, Glenn just seizes the narrative tapestry that is being woven about anticapitalist propaganda and just tears it into ribbons of non sequiturs has Douchey McPowerSuit just sits there blinking helplessly.
lol wat?
Midnight Man
One of those guys with the 'spergers so bad that you think he might just start eating your face at any moment
So BFRs are good because they save people from burning up.
But, no BFRs are bad because the government required them!

Truly, he has a dizzying intellect.
I have to wonder if Glenn Beck is finally deciding to be slightly less of a crazy douchebag since he's lost half of his viewers. Here's hoping its just too damn late.
I think Glenn liked the video. It had neat drawings.
TV Show Moderator: "Show me some things..oh wait, here's this clip. Go ahead."
Glenn Beck was borderline manic and unprofessional as usual. No argument there.

However Lee Doren did nothing wrong, that guy's a fucking pit bull, he chooses his battles and you can dislike him for many reasons but being wrong isn't one of them.

Lee Doren is a spastic chump who spews his dumbed down (more than usual) libertarian swill at anyone within spitting distance? Have you seen his other videos?

I'll give him this... he's got the third or fourth most punchable face on youtube, and that is a mighty achievement.

I would punch that guy's face SO HARD. Now that Big Al's not posting videos anymore, the Number 1 Most Punchable slot is open, and competition is fierce. FIERCE I say!

Rum Revenge
I made it 1:25 into this. I guess there's a certain appeal in the room-temp IQ crowd for someone to insist that everything is fine, but dammed if I understand Beck's appeal at all. He doesn't insist things are fine via denial - rather, he acknowledges problems and then asserts that they are, in fact, beneficial. It's like watching the people who deny that AIDS is a real disease (they exist, and they keep dying of AIDS), then you see someone who claims it's actually good for your health to have your immune system ravaged like a matchstick house at a pyromaniac convention.
How the Wold-Newton Works would be a pretty good website.
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