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Desc:Multipart submissions broken again. This is part two.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:obesity, Bipolar Disorder, fatman, aspartame, i seen the mountains changin folks
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Comment count is 7
you live forever folks if you die early folks
om nom nom word salad
you live for ever folks if you die early and uh if your dead and alive at the same time its a possibility you live for ever if you die early and diet soda makes you die folks. lord forgive me.
Sudan no1
"Please forgive me lord for committing alchemy"???
"And I shouldn'thave toldyouIwasn'tgoingtomake more videosbecausemyparents would getmadifthey knew I was makingifiwasmakingvideos AWWWWWWYEAAAAAAH"

I want to throw a harpoon into his skull.
The Great Mel Bay
that diet ain't working
pyslexic dharmacist
Well, *something* got him high as hell, I agree with that part.
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