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Desc:Purse snatchers are caught and beaten with an incredible range of objects.
Category:Crime, Humor
Tags:China, motorbike, furniture, purse snatcher, mob justice
Submitted:Dr Dim
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E! C! Dub!

E! C! Dub!

Also, my favorite guy was the power waddler @ 0:15 to 0:30. He was one of the first people out of the building, but amongthe last to arrive at the scene.

The afternoon of a thousand chairs.

Great video. But that music? That is the most physically painful sound I have ever heard.
Chinese is not a particularly musical language

It's like bizarro Dead Rising.
Interesting how they attack him one at a time before it dawns on them that they're not in a kung fu movie.
it takes a village...with a lot of useless junk
This wouldn't happen in Texas.
Well yeah.
1: There are no open air markets like that in Texas. You can't ride a motorcycle through a Wal-Mart.
2: Running? Get the fuck out.

Deathwish III has taught me that in America purse snatcher are shot in the back as they make their escape

In america people just snap pictures of people bleeding to death on the sidewalk on their way to abercrombie and fitch.

Dr Dim
Repomancer doesn't like me :(
repomancer is coasting on laurels from the 80s.
he's boring.

Furniture Store Looted by Mob Seeking Justice
Their first problem was thinking plowing straight into a parked car was a viable escape option.
Had the flux capacitor worked properly, he would've jumped to 1875 and safety.

Way to keep it in frame
Please tell where this is
What? You say there's a fight going down five blocks away? And two of the guys are purse snatchers on a motorcycle? LET ME GET MY STOOL!
This makes me miss China tons.

I particularly like the cop kind of directing things, I suppose making sure the beating doesn't get out of hand.
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