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Desc:CBS documentary
Category:Classic TV Clips, News & Politics
Tags:gay, Homosexuals, Mike Wallace
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split tail
I've never understood why some people feel the need to get so involved in other people's lives when they hurt no one; isn't another's personal sense of well being more important than the harmless activities they engage in?

Of course I'm just venting.
Hey, 1967! Learn to mind your own damn business!

Americans that were polled were also against desegregation, and woman's rights during their times. Americans have historically been dragged kicking and screaming to do what is fair and just.
"Why won't you liberal elites listen to the voice of the people? States rights!"

The Faghorn
Mike Wallace & the Homosexuals, tonight only at CBGB.
"When it was over, one homosexual was in a state penitentiary with a life sentence....and scores of lives were ruined."

I can't fathom why those liberals don't want to bring back traditional values.
I would imagine liberals were largely complicit at the time. Hearing those prison sentences is incredibly depressing.

And so it happened, as was predicted. by Bisekrankas.

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Syd Midnight
I hope they make kids watch this in history class
I doubt it would be in the proper context.

Oh Cena Mark! Come here boy! *whistles*
Was that Gore Vidal?
Yes. He was one of the only mainstream people to talk about this stuff in public.

I used to live in Ada, OK and the vast majority of people I worked with said most of the same stuff said in this video.
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