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Desc:aka mini-murdercopters
Category:Science & Technology, Horror
Tags:RC, helicopters, automated deathbots
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Comment count is 21
James Woods
Half-life 2
Rudo Magnifico
I find myself depressed by the realization that instead of thinking about practical applications in law enforcement, military, search and rescue and recreation, the first thing I thought myself was OH SHIT MANHACKS

Our only hope rests in CROWBARS!

These things make manhacks look like bumbling retards, as if they programmed the manhacks to think they are puppies, and they just want to run up and snuggle with everyone, but of course the people they snuggle with are killed, so undeterred, they bumble down another hallway looking for attention.

What we see here are capable, terrifying killing machines.

quadrotors vs littledogs... do it
Jet Bin Fever
It's cute until it flies through your slightly ajar window or door and murders your family. I bet the military is working on a weaponized form as we speak.
Nerds have no capacity to understand that everything they do will result in the maximum evil possible.

Syd Midnight
The moment it went through the window I thought "The army's gonna put a grenade on that someday"

Also land mines that fly up and chase your ass

Grenades are kinda heavy. I'm thinking small packets of deadly nerve gas. Why waste an expensive deathcopter in an explosion?

The end result will be very small, cheap, and entirely automated on the individual level. Think of a swarm of bees.

they throw 2 million dollar bombs at angry goat herders living in caves, I doubt they'd care about blowing up a 00 drone.

Five for "landmines that fly up and chase your ass"

Is this how quiet they really are, or is the audio dampened so we can hear the voiceover?
they're pretty loud

Parrot AR.Drone: wifi quadrotor that you fly with an iPhone, comes with two webcams and two augmented reality games. 32 deminstration videos can be found here: http://ardrone.parrot.com/parrot-ar-drone/videos/#player
Goethe and ernie
It's the sudden jerky movements, the way they hang in the air then jump. Awesome and terrifying.
I see this and the first thing I think of is "That would make an awesome theme park ride if it was human size". I mean yes, they're probably going to be used for military reasons but... Wholly Crap that would be fun/terrifying to ride in.
Could we maybe think that we're gonna use these for good instead of evil? Maybe use them to deliver muffins to sick children instead of bombs to brown people?
how about we deliver the children to brown people and fill our bombs with muffins?

dude awesome
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