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Desc:We're all in this together, brothers!
Category:Educational, Arts
Tags:animation, empathy
Submitted:Mike Tyson?!
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Comment count is 10
this should be an achievement in the next Civilization game
Thanks, i needed a nap.
only boring people get bored

Goofy Gorilla
Exactly, which is why he should have just turned the thing off about two minutes in.

I guess the animation was OK.

you guys are insane

this is amazing

It's still a lecture, but at least there's pretty pictures.
Pretty pictures indeed.
Empathy is for faggots.
don't build people with inate hatreds.
If only society and civilization developed according to our empathetic soft-wiring rather than being forced upon us by the secret lizard overlords. Thank god twitter is finally here to fix it.
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