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Desc:Teen werewolf won't take it anymore
Category:Pets & Animals, Fashion
Tags:xbox, high school, werewolf, teen wolf, eyeliner
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Comment count is 23
I was going to post something about teenwolf too but this guy is off his nut.
5 stars for the echo of "AM I?"
Weretroll. I hope.
Of course he's a troll, dummy. Underneath that fag makeup this kid is handsome and well-built. Ugly, scrawny and/or fat kids are the ones who become marginal sadsacks like teen werewolves. He's probably the Josh he's complaining about.

he's making fun of the ginger guy. that is sort of obvious.

Adham Nu'man
I was just going to post: "teen werewolf is the new ginger", but you beat me to it.

dora's cough
he also looks like he is in his late twenties at least

I'm going to pretend this is real just so I can complain about kids today.

Stupid kids today, with their sissy eyeliner wearing werewolves. When I was a teenager werewolves were hulking, hairy and quietly disgruntled, not vampire drama queens. Damn kids.

He's probably at LEAST in his late 20s

in dog years.

Goethe and ernie
This is a joke, right? I mean, this has to be a joke. Not even teenagers are this stupid.
Maybe not. He was on local news months before he joined Youtube:


Ginger Werewolf in disguise :D
split tail
well now at least Sasquatch can now play halo 3...
I think there's a lot of sasquatches that play Halo 3

Casual Tea Party
Obviously a joke and hilarious.

5 for playing on coppercab and this werewolf trend.
+Daffy duck's penis joke
It's funny because this is totally how goth kids I went to school with acted, and were serious.
He must have had the red ring o' death.
damn... pretty much me at 15.
Rape Van Winkle
Epic troll.
Everyone knows that Daffy Duck's dick would probably not be black. I think this is a thing that no one would argue about. That's a weak insult.
teenage mutant lisa turtle
But somehow it works

The general quality of werewolves has gone down since Paul Naschy passed away.
Sot THAT'S why the vampires have rum amok.

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