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Desc:Gummybears, vegatables and cardboard.
Category:Video Games, Arts
Tags:NES, stop motion
Submitted:Freeman Gordon
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Koda Maja
Vegetable Mario is the best Mario.
Wait so if the goombas are mushrooms then what are the mushrooms?
This was clearly a speedrun, so we may never know.

It's like the Science of Sleep, only entertaining.
Stop motion iPhone is not "poor man's." -1
Fuck this guy, he used a video camera and a computer to put this online instead of just scrawling his ideas in the dirt of an abandoned field. SOME "POOR MAN". MINUS A BILLION STARS.

i was gonna say the same thing but i was still gonna rate it five. i'm a nice guy and i'm concerned about being liked

"Gummy bears, vegetables and cardboard" is the name of my Earth, Wind And Fire tribute band.

Also it's the recipe for a really horrible salad.

Also: This is a great video. Love the use of DS games for squares in Zelda.
Hubba Bubba Nightmare

Fuck you guys. Metroid was my favourite part.
pressed peanut sweepings
There is something indescribably magical about the first Metroid.

My favorite part was the Flash Man fight. That's Megaman 2 to the rest of you suckas.

teenage mutant lisa turtle
Those were both my favorite!

Mario in his salad days.
Jesus christ did this start with Legacy of the Wizard? Fuck that game.
oh no wait it might've been that weird one with the little spaceships that wear boxing gloves

Quit trying to distance yourself from Kirby. It's part of our shared history. We just have to accept that.

kirby is just so damn cool

I always forget about Kirby. By the time he came out anybody already had the SNES.

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