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Desc:Reporter does a good job of not cracking up.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:europe, NWO, new world order, conspiracy theory, Bilderburg Group
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 8
So....are the corporations going to take over the world...or is it the governments? But it's going to be just one government, right? I can never keep track of these things. Are the governments just corporate conspiracies to makes us think that we ARE being controlled, or do corporations exist for the purpose of making us think they're the ones controlling us when it's really the government? Is HAARP the cause of rainbows?
But seriously. If there's any conspiracy at all, it's the government(s) feeding information to knuckleheads like this to try to get them to convince a few million impressionable people that they really are able to control the whole world.
Step 2: ??????
Step 3: Profit!!

I love how the conspiracy types are supposed to be the world's most successful people from business and politics, yet when they get together under one purpose and one plan (something that would be hard to do, considering their competitive natures), they're the gang that can't shoot straight.

Well, corporations already move big influences and money in this world, so it's not like if that is a big secret. The nwo conspiracy loonies just love to believe that these very same corporations just want to kill like half of the world population. Because killing their very own consumers makes a lot sense.

Did he just say they're vampires? Or was that his accent?
Goethe and ernie
I like the little shrug he gives as he says they've been around for 800 years, like it's such an obvious and insignificant detail he can't even imagine anyone finding it weird.
Syd Midnight
I think that it's just really really difficult to tell when Russians are joking or being sarcastic sometimes. They have an inscrutable brand of deadpan humor, I think they're used to news outlets reporting outrageous lies nobody actually believes sometimes, it's kind of a tradition like a comics page. I hope.
If you listen from around 4:00-5:30 you can hear the voice of Alex Jones in the background. It may be hard to recognize because he's not screaming and stumbling over his words, but it's there.
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