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Desc:If you can make it to the end without laughing, you are a better man/woman than I.
Tags:terrible dancing, tone deaf, Lady Gaga, bad romance, Trapped in a Bookshelf
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Comment count is 21
This is how all Lady Gaga looks to me. I lost my shit at the first "Ra ra..."

I'm not watching the rest of this because I just found out Rue McClanahan died.
When she said "Ra ra" I flinched in anticipation of an eat-attack.

wtf japan
I think she's had quite enough ugly and disease already.
Guh, fucking theater students.

I love the "Caught in a Wal-Mart pressboard shelving unit... of love" bit.
Jet Bin Fever
But guys! She just needs her big break and she'll be a STAR!
Maggot Brain
Gothic Lolitta is the best this to have ever happen to fat, frumpy chicks.
I'm a bit surprised she didn't try to shove her abundant gut fat into a shoddy, homemade corset.

These stars could be on the merit of the pressboard closet plus curly eye-tick makeup alone.
The Mothership
2:08 *Freeze* and *Enhance*

That, my friends, is the saddest cameraman ever.
That young woman is clearly afflicted by Dunlap's Syndrome.

Do I have to watch the real video for this to make sense?
Do you need to see the Phantom Menace to enjoy a tubby kid clumsily twirling a broomstick? No, some things don't need context, and fat nerds embarrassing themselves are one of those things.

This is exactly what lady Gaga would be like if she mumbled, had no rhythm, was tone deaf, and ate a lot of pizza.
She has a prettier face than Lady Gaga. What's the opposite of a butterface, anyway?
a fucking waste

Five stars because she explodes at the end.
James Woods
Next time on Arrested Development
Okay, fine. You're going to make me say it aren't you. Fine.

This 'bad romance' cover is very amusing. I hope you're happy.
teenage mutant lisa turtle
-3 stars for poetv making me more familiar with Gaga than I would ever want to be.
i feel like we're going to find out this is a fake in the next couple days. I hate viral videos for making me so joyless when it comes to these things.
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