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Desc:This is a video of a hedgehog with its head stuck in a cardboard tube.
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:pets, cute, hedgehog, adorable
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Comment count is 10
Hedgehogs are to toilet paper tubes as cats are to boxes. I only wish mine wasn't such a little bitch that it would do it on camera.
That is the worse Sonic powerup.
Johnny Madhouse
That is a perfect background song for some reason.
Quiet, dog! We're watching a more interesting animal.

Hedgehog in a tube, hedgehog in a tube. To remove his head he needs some lube.
The evolution of cuteness never ceases to amaze me.
Stars are split between the video and the Google ads for "U Tube Music Videos"
Plan B
"Front legs ... too ... puny ... and ... adorable ... to ... reach! Nnrgh! Argh!!"
They're so cute, even their torment is fun to watch.
Spike Jonez
Somehow this makes the hedgehog look like a more proper animal. "The Hedgehog: Nature's Tank."
That is an adorable brillo pad with legs.
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