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Desc:prime example of corporate greenwashing
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:gay, mcdonalds, greenwashing, hate hate hate
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Comment count is 15
"Anyone can come eat our shitty food, even clueless dads and their closet-case sons." How magnanimous of you, McDonalds. What's this about greenwashing, though? Are gays more eco-friendly?
No, wait, that's some kind of tubgirl thing.

Also, this is true evil. Five stars.

Adham Nu'man
I use my gays to fertilize my property. You should see my lawn!

Gays don't make babies and babies create carbon dioxide and methane.

What is this commercial even trying to say?
Your dad may not accept you, but McDonald's always will.

for fluffy

Gays are the arbiters of taste, and here is a Gay eating at McDonald's. Therefore, McDonald's is haute cuisine.
Caminante Nocturno
If you ignore the fact that it's a McDonald's commercial, which is surprisingly easy to do, it ends up being slightly poignant.
That's because this is the work of a highly efficient, cold, calculating machine. It knows each and every button you have and it pushes them one by one to get the proper emotional response.

Or it would be if they weren't speaking French, and therefore such awful people that they definitely deserve to die.

I kept waiting for some kind of punchline, or anything at all that would indicate why I should eat in a French McDonalds. It felt like they just gave up and outright told me to show up.
They call it a ROYALE WITH CHEESE.

You beat me to it, Stopheles.

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