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Desc:The adult version of Hamtaro
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:hamster, ebichu, sexual saviour, ebichuman, hamtaro
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Comment count is 13
Oh man, i can't believe i forgot about Ebichu. Been years since i saw the show, fantastic.
Written by a woman!
Directed by the clinically depressed man who created Evangelion!

I have always been hesitant to submit an Ebichu clip. This is probably the most SFW clip you can find.

Needs a Gainax tag?
This is kind of like a Dan Kim comic. I recognized Mitsuishi Kotono's voice as the rodent.
Maybe it was just her voice, but this felt a lot like Excel Saga.

Ebichu was my first contact with anime outside 80s kids' cartoons.

It was everything I thought it would be.
This hamster has his work cut out for him.
Jet Bin Fever
Rides that fine line between crushingly depressing and totemo kawaii.
Ebichu is the only anime I ever liked. We watched all the episodes in college. Some kind soul went through the trouble to subtitle every episode and even give a synopsis in plain English as to what the hell is going on.
Maybe if you didn't promote such wanton fornication as a sexual superhero you wouldn't have to clean up so much semen during your day job you dumb hamster
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