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Desc:Calvin wears TFL shirt, shares dream of blowing up a Victoria’s Secret and creeps out local ladies.
Tags:misogyny, True Forced Lonliness, TFL, BigBossCAL83, BigBOSSC83
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Comment count is 11
So basically, arrest this man.
He currently the TFLer I feel is most likely to actually commit violence. It used to be RavenGaigeSmith but he vanished after his rusty razor blades rant.

*He is currently

"Women fatalities, here we come", I mean I admit it has subtle poetic nuace but I feel like it may be a veiled threat.

BigBossCalvin, arrested on five counts of terroristic threatening and fourteen counts of felonious use of Windows Movie Maker transition effects.

Sudan no1
I want these pathetic TFL dudes to read or watch Screwfly Solution. They're obviously being controlled by reptiods to want to murder women.
Sudan no1
Aliens are a likely culprit too.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Never was a fan of BBC until now. Bonus points on how he pauses his TFL diatribe to say hi to two passing women*

Jesus, did you see the rack on the one on the left?
Hubba Bubba Nightmare
woah, did you sey that keyhole transition, it blew my mind
Uhm seeing the low number of views this guy has, maybe we have some responsibility to get this guy at least checked out by some agency? I flagged him on YT, but i guess that doesn't bring much..
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I flagged too but but the YouTube master computer said it's cool with hate speech which I guess implies it wasn't flagged. I have no idea where this guys lives - how does one find that out? 4chan internet sleuthing?

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