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Desc:White people can never stop crying.
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:racism, White, whitey, Punch White Faces, making white people uncomfortable
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Next video: a screed against microloans (IN BURNING LETTERS) because they denied his application for a whites-only protein powder.
"The Defender...


That's the signal to put on your seatbelt.

I couldn't find much info on this after a half-ass googling, but it looks like many (all?) SA companies are selling a small percentage of their shares to blacks only at a modest discount. INSANE!
He's some sort of racist conspiracy theorist. In the future whites will have to stand in line behind black people!

How dare companies give a minority that's at an disadvantage any discount! They need to support the white generation!
I saw another video of his basically saying how unfair things are because aparthied is over and the whites have had it bad too. Y'know after the Dutch had estasblished themselves there, the English came and encrouched on their land!

Being a South African, he understands that when a group comprises 6% of an entity, they get to dictate the rules to the other 94%, right?
Future interracial porn bottom.
Hubba Bubba Nightmare
"It was an equal playing field..." hahahahahaha God I love white people
I'm not a big fan of reverse racism, but South African whites are the worst white people of all. They deserve worse than this.
Goethe and ernie
South Africans are the worst people on earth. Worse than Australians.
La Loco
White people need to go back home to germany and poland.
Huh..never thought I'd see a white South African incapable of understanding "white privilege."

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