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Desc:I remember those teeth.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Crime
Tags:Police, Cops, black people, white people
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Comment count is 45
This went through the hopper sooo quickly. :)
Cop: Why are you in a tree?

Female: Cause I like climbing trees.


Rev. Blackson Pollock
Sometimes the truth is the most baffling thing a police officer can hear.

how does one pick a gem from such a treasure trove?
Is this the start of a COPS-themed week? Because that would be swell.
Old Pantsless Man: What's going on here??
Ive never been drunk enough to just sit pantsless on a bar stool like it wasn't even a thing. I usually care about pants. That guy didn't give a fuck.

I laugh now, but I have a feeling thats where I'm gonna end up

Syd Midnight
WW2 vet, alcoholic, Cleveland. Pissed his pants, then took them off to wash them. When the cops hauled him out he hollered "I've been captured by the Germans!" I remember that episode, I felt sorry for him.

Sixty people, about eighty five teeth.
"Trailer park or not, you can't allow two kids to fight."

Also the t-shirt, "Patriotism, it's not just history anymore" doesn't make any sense. If it means 'there was a lack of patriotism and now its back', that's undermined by the image of Iwo Jima.
Oh for the love of God. The shirt makes sense, sorry. It means "There was a a lot of patriotism throughout history, (including Iwo Jima) but recently there hasn't been. But it's back.

It's a fucking stupid shirt, but it does make sense.

I suppose that explanation makes sense. Patriotism existed during WWII, we lost it after so it existed only as history, and its currently back. The reason I didn't get it is because I don't logically think that the 90s were more patriotic than the 80s, 70s, etc.

Sorry for the snark. I thought you were being excessively pedantic, but I was wrong... you were just thinking about it differently. My bad.

Rape Van Winkle
This is POEtv. Let's have a serious discussion, and concede when wrong.

IrishWhiskey will cut you wide open.

No let's NOT concede when we are wrong!!!! What the hell is so bad about volleying flames back and forth until a page is unreadable and unattractive to a casual viewer?

You man-babies who misinterpret statements made on the internet and then apologize for it need to take a page from a real discussion forum, and let petty grudges over insignificant events shit the place up!!!

Wait a second, that's a stupid way to behave on a website. I'm sorry I posted this guys.

P.S. COPS is awesome because poor people getting in trouble with the law is always entertaining. I LAUGH WHILE I LOOK DOWN MY NOSE AT YOU!!!

Looks like that lady isn't the only one with broken toenails.

I am like 90% sure that the girl who is "in sales" is Sarah Silverman
Rape Van Winkle
All my stars go to that hooker, who is clearly not sarah silverman.

MacGyver Style Bomb
Many memories of the cheap motel front desk I used to work at...
I used to work graveyard at a gas station. I was paid minimum wage to deal with this every damn night...
I currently work graveyards at a gas station, so I know your pain. I may have it worse though since at two in the morning the strip club down the street closes and I get everyone from there stopping by for condoms and smokes before they finally head home.

The drunks who are bleeding and don't care are the ones I hate most...

i don't like this show

Robin Kestrel
I don't like this show, either, but this is edited very well. Jesse!

You are un-American.

Yeah! Do you have any idea how many young American men died in wars around the world just so could watch COPS?

Although many of them poor and un-educated in the recent times and none of them actually fighting to protect American soil, but you know.

"In the recent times"

Are you under the impression that it was the rich intellectuals who all killed each other in WWI or something?

Way to take a joke comment and be a total black faggot about it, Cube.

I'm pretty sure the older man in demin saying "what-u all talkin' about" is the sheriff from squidbillies.
Cop: Doesn't even look like very good weed man.

Guy: IT'S NOT, but it's all I got dude!
does he say he gets it for taking care of a rabbit? that's when you uncuff him, get in the car and drive away okay

Spit Spingola
I don't know whether obese guy getting tased or old man with no pants is better.
I'm so easy to entertain. "I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE" hobbler woman in pink makes me laugh until I can't stand it.
COPS: turning over the rock of America and showing us what's been crawling in there for years
The McK
Gosh, it's really a pity how racist this is.
people call Cops "racist"?

"classist" I can definitely see, but about 75% of their schtick is half-naked meth heads white as the driven snow

Sudan no1
"I WAS NOT running around naked!!!"
How do you call something The Very Best of COPS when it doesn't have the midget in Las Vegas who almost got away or Sheriff John Bunnell?
I can break these TTTTOOOOOOEEEEEEE.... nails.

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