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Desc:Some of the topics advertising executives wrestle with every day.
Category:Business, Religious
Tags:sex, earth, babies, people, technology
Submitted:Cat 400
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Comment count is 18
The image near the end was the only thing that made me wonder if this was some kind of joke.
I wouldn't doubt that, histrionics aside, THIS IS WHAT ADVERTISING EXECUTIVES ACTUALLY BELIEVE
"The public wants comfort, family, and sexiness, as well as a refreshing cool mint gel."

Basically true.
Telling figures indeed, but what do they mean to you, what do they mean to me, what do they mean to the average man in the street?

That is one impressive car.
5 for being as weird as DEVO, but -1 for no actual DEVO.
Ask and ye shall receive:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdcmpt3xAIo&feature=player_embe dded#at=23

Ludo Smell Bad
but it IS Devo.

5 stars for this inferno of irony. (← add this tag immediately)

Out Devo'd again!


Rodents of Unusual Size
According to every drug burn out and older than me by 10 years or more that I have ever met, I look exactly like the lead singer of Devo circa the early 1980s.

Most of the time they are unfortunately correct.

Then as we move forward to 2010, we have even more people using
Adblock Plus and e-mail filters
The Townleybomb
+1 for the inevitable anti-Tim and Eric backlash votes
This is the most entertaining DEVO related thing ever.
Rum Revenge
White picket fence? Bah, gimmie my well-dressed secretarial-type climbing into a huge pile of novelty-hat-shaped blue gel.
Ludo Smell Bad
but it IS Devo.

5 stars for this inferno of irony. (← add this tag immediately)
Cat 400
it has all the tags it needs

Rodents of Unusual Size
I love that there are people on Youtube that are genuinely upset at the "advertising people" that "made" this.
Ludo Smell Bad
you see?!?

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