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Desc:You think you can take him? Well, go ahead on.
Category:News & Politics, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:republicans, white people, GOP, Dale Peterson
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Comment count is 19
American political ads confuse me.
I sincerely believe that the people who did this ad spent hours figuring out the costume of the would be sign stealer so as to make him appear to be a scary minority, without it being really clear whether he actually was a minority.

Have fun being the next Joe the Plumber, jackass.
James Woods
Dale Peterson for Prime Minister of Canada.
No, because he seems like a crazy redneck who shoot me in the back the second he thought I'd bus an immigrant into Alabama.

I love this drama over a fucking agriculture commissioner seat. What the fuck?
This is the best film version of the Punisher I've seen yet.

What fucking century are these people living in?

Syd Midnight
19th century, but it's 19th century America so that's like the 1700s in Europe

"The penalty for poaching deer in the kings forest is death, did you not read the sign lad?"

"What sign?"

"That sign over....oh my, it's been stole by Mexicans!"

Syd Midnight
It's okay, they're the groundskeepers

I like how he keeps insinuating that he served in Vietnam even though he has already been called out on that. His wording is careful but he knows what he is doing. Pretty sleazy.

wow, I didn't even realize the Vietnam thing.


His wiki adds some detail he left out.

"He graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology in 1971. Following graduation, he held several different marketing and production positions with a national industrial laundry chain."

Not many people in marketing with a bachelor have their own spitoons, he should tell people.

Best commercial for the great state of Alabama ever.
What america believes.
Hey, tough guy. I'll wrastle fer whatever yer runnin' fer, and I won't use no keyrate tricks neither! But I don't think you got the gumption fer it, punk.
this man needs to mate with sarah palin and then she can give birth to a literal uncle sam who will emerge from her womb with the head of an eagle.
Wow, he didn't shoot the guy in the ass as a warning shot. Some Marine.
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