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Desc:Just hammering out a few of the details.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:BBC, fry and laurie, lawyers, lurid details
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Innocent Bystander
This is basically how all British people have sex.
teenage mutant lisa turtle
Reserving stars until I find out if this sketch was done by KITH first
nope. KITH generally ripped off Britain, not the other way around.

Insane visual image of Stephen Fry and Scott Thompson fucking. Can't quite figure out who is on top, though.

teenage mutant lisa turtle
I'll just take you at your word, then. I'm not looking this up.

I enjoyed this

I am hungover so that's all you get
Tom Waits is a compromise between James Taylor and Art Garfunkel? Fuck that.
You'll notice that like most compromises, it didn't really please either party. But it was necessary in order to prevent the negotiation from reaching an impasse, which would have precluded the object of the meeting: namely, intercourse.

Ha! Now I know where Cherry 2000 got this joke.
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