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Desc:complimation of a 'vampire' raver going nuts.
Category:Fashion, Horror
Tags:industrial, spit, vampire, Raver, raving culture
Submitted:Macho Nacho
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Comment count is 19
guy is likely dead in a forest somewhere. i saw no cup of water in his hand in any of those clips.
B. Weed
Glowstick the Barbarian could take this guy out without breaking a sweat.
Forget a stake. All you'd need would be a wet noodle.

Rodents of Unusual Size
That was some jarring editing there, but 3 stars. Even if those vampires should all go back in the coffins where they came from!
Vampire raver.
Vampire raver!

Goethe and ernie
Jesus Christ I'm utterly repulsed, I hope he is too.
Is he on drugs?
AB Positive

teenage mutant lisa turtle
i can't rate this
Adham Nu'man
Let me help.


La Loco
Five star poe 2.0 material. His name is Jorge now.

He's Puerto Rican? Color me sorprendido.

DJ CytoxicX is a great name, really, but it could use some more X's. I know extraneous X jokes are played out, but c'mon...what is this?

I'm glad the North American rave scene never recovered from the poison body glitter outbreak of 97'. It was a mess of bile, baggy pants, and 'aliens in floppy top hats giving a peace sign' shirts. Tiesto flew his frosted tips at half-mast that sad autumn day.

"And before me there only two beutifull women’s who can exprexX! My music in the way of dancing! Herbal orinico & and Nikita havok these are my cytoxic dancers anywhere I play a set they will be there expressing the way of my music on a physical and emotional level!" - DJ CytoxicX, Vampire/Raver

ay dios mio
Only 1:17? I could watch this all day.
I'd love to see that dude eat a Big Mac in one bite. I bet he could!
I guess I'll give some stars for the last few seconds.
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