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Desc:Magpies are corvids like crows and ravens, and are incredibly smart birds.
Category:Pets & Animals, Educational
Tags:intelligence, classy-looking animals, magpies, wanton violence, pointless killing
Submitted:Johnny Madhouse
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Comment count is 9
MaulLove - 2010-06-22
Other bird species that fail to recognize themselves in the mirror can be pretty amusing. I'm looking at you cockatiels and budgies.
Oktay - 2010-06-23
See the related videos on youtube for some of the birds that didn't make the grade in the same study.

rustedmutt - 2010-06-23
My parrots will glance at themselves in the mirror. They seem to acknowledge what they see, but they just don't give a shit.

Shredding my sketchbooks is much more interesting.

Redlof - 2010-06-23
You have not lived until you have seen an entire flock of canadian geese go to war with their own reflections through a one-way mirror.

Syd Midnight - 2010-06-23
Most cats and dogs don't seem to give a shit about mirrors once they look behind one and figure out what they are. I guess that's the gap between dumb and smart

fatatty - 2010-06-22
memedumpster - 2010-06-22
Now I need some trained magpies to aim a giant space laser.
jangbones - 2010-06-23
Shandrine, how I have mished you.
Goethe and ernie - 2010-06-23
When a magpie sees itself in the mirror, does it say "good day to you, General"? And if it doesn't, does it have bad luck for the rest of the day?
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