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Desc:did you know that?
Category:Educational, Business
Tags:germany, sex toy, CBC, barbie, This Hour
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Goofy Gorilla
who cares
I care.

It is indeed good to know that he is on the case, uncovering these earth-shattering revelations and keeping the planet safe for the next generation and their pets.

This guy that my brother knows says his uncle said that Barbie was based on a sex doll! LET'S BLOW THE LID OFF THE CONSPIRACY!
these sorts of things are baby steps to the JFK cover up and UFOs

Jet Bin Fever
This is the pretentious guy at a video game store, movie theater, or best buy that compulsively corrects people on their choices.
Or, even worse, the comic/RPG store.

I hate that guy. I want mace just for that guy. Hey guy, I don't care what you think about this thing I'm thinking about purchasing. Oh you don't like it? WELL NOW I'M BUYING IT JUST TO PISS YOU OFF YOU GREASY-HAIRED TURD

how does one say "douche" in canadian?

Did you know that you swallow an average of 11 spiders a year while you sleep?!? The more you know.

With a little reworking, this would make a good Wesley Willis song
Totally logical and undeniable facts have been presented. I will now go fuck a Barbie Doll.
Here is an article about that doll
dolls are generally humanoid in shape did you know
There is literally no way for a person to make a female doll without closely inspecting a German sex toy.
I like how they don't show anything about the original doll or really anything more than a single picture. EVIDENCE!!!
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