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Desc:Alabama tea party candidate continues to debate his visions. Also bonus Dale Peterson.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Tea Party, Dale Peterson, Rick Barber, zombie lincoln
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Comment count is 29
For evil.
The Mothership
For showing genuine disdain for his fellow man in favor of ghosts.

And cognitive dissonance.

My favorite part is how he politely pushes past fake Lincoln.

"Siddown, Abe. I got this."
Killer Joe
There is symbolism there! I can feel it!

This is like something straight out of Mr. Show.
Senator Tankerbell is a RINO!

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
5 for the dude at 1:18

check him out at :52

Barber/Trainable 2012

this is what james longmarch would say if he were alive today.

this advertisement was paid for by the friends of gary callahan
Rodents of Unusual Size
Please God let him have a public feud with Glenn Beck, that would be icing on the cake of this crazy.
is it just me, or did every single one of those people look lobotomized?

They all look like they're being held at gunpoint.

Caminante Nocturno
So he just wanders away from his own ad and some doughy guy starts singing.
Hey Abe, what do you call it when a privileged over-class of landed whites uses both laws and an outmoded appeal to tradition to keep an underclass of minorities and poor in servitude so they can't afford basic necessities that would allow them to advance their standing?

No, Abe, don't say slavery! GODDAMMIT!
Five for hitting the nail on the head.

What would have happened if Rufus gave his phone booth time machine to a miserable racist asshole instead of a pair of affable stoners? Apparently instead of chilling at the mall and learning history, this guy uses his access to men of yore to impatiently badger them into agreeing with his ridiculous arguments.

teenage mutant lisa turtle
Calculated viral qualities abound, which should at least succeed in getting his name out there.
More than the one standard verse of the Star-Spangled Banner = better than you at being American. Or something.
Hey, Abe, what do you call it when you send the armed forces to the South to subjugate racist separatists with violence and death?

Abe? Put down the rifle, Abe, we can talk abouURRRKGHH!!!
"Hey Abe, if somebody is FORCED to worth for months to pay taxes so a COMPLETE STRANGER can get a free meal, a medical procedure, or a bailout, what is that called?"



"Okay, what was the question again? Somebody is forcing another person to work for months to pay taxes???"

"Okay, what's it called when one man is FORCED to work for another?"



Isn't this the exact same argument stupid communists use?

""Hey Abe, if somebody is FORCED to worth for months so that those POWERFUL LANDOWNERS will let them have the basics they need to live, what is that called?"



"Okay, what was the question again? Are you taking about capitalism? Because they aren't.."

"Right! So what's it called when one man is FORCED to work for another?"




did he just equate paying taxes with being in a Nazi death camp?

also, I like that he's now making ads to specifically respond to the criticisms of his previous ads. It's the political campaign version of a YouTube vlog. A few more and I bet he'll start referring to his opponents as his "haters."

wtf japan
Working for months to pay taxes? Does he know how taxes work?
"HEY ABE, Let's forget for the moment that you instituted the first federal income tax, and pretend that you agree with me!"

"We shed a lot of blood to end that in the past..."

Doesn't he mean that the Northern states shed a lot of blood to end slavery and put down an open revolt of Alabama and the other Southern states? Or is it part of the tea party history curriculum that Alabama was a sleeper cell of the Union army?
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