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Desc:This is actually not from a porn game
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:voice acting, Star Ocean, 80 points, Star Ocean 2, STAR FLARE
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Taking advantage of this, should i get the psp version of this game?
I couldn't get into the PSP version of the game. The redid the sprites and character portraits for the game, and Rena's portrait looks (nothing like her sprite or the original design, but also) a 12 year old girl. Combine that with the fact she spends the first part of the game calling you 'Mister Kenny" and the whole thing came off as a creepy pedophile game I couldn't even stick with. It really was a shame, considering how much I loved the original.

Overall, I'd much, much rather have a port of the original than the remake, but if you can get over all that, it's essentially the same game in the story and gameplay department.

Heads up, I'm coming.
Ah a fine game.
The VO for this game was beyond bad. I remember laughing/cringing at it back when it was first released for the PS1
Wikipedia sez:

"Rena's backstory bears a minor similarity to DC Comic's Superman (aka. Kal-El). She was the last of her people in a location doomed to destruction by a single experiment; Her parent places her in an experiemental pod and is transported to a distant location and raised in a rural community where she has special powers that the inhabitants don't have (ie. Symbols imbedded upon her DNA; particularly restorative Symbology)and ends up becoming a hero. Like Superman, Rena's adoptive father also passes away. Additionally, both Rena and Kal-El's homeworlds were destroyed by the hands of their respective inhabitants--Nedians and Kryptonians. The energy stones which were used on Nede and could be found on Expel and in Rena's pendant were green, they glowed, and they released radiation which would effect the minds and body's of those near them; though in Rena's case they strengthened her symbological powers rather than weakening her. In addition, her outfits are made primarily of blues, reds, and yellows similar to Superman's costume."
BEHIND ME?!?!?!?
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