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Desc:Japan's answer to Full Metal Jacket, The Hurt Locker, and Marmaduke.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Anime, war, inexplciable
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Comment count is 18
"Even if you're cute, no mercy."

Okay. That's pretty good, Japan.
La Loco
For Rocketblender:

Can I has dupe s**t?

La Loco
This crap again?
That's all you have? No cheezburger joke or anything? What the fuck, man?

Cats Hi Tone?
inexpliciably resurrected from the youtube crypt
I thought this trailer would have been posted by now. Good eye GravidWithHate, I completely missed the USA GI thing.

is this like a gritty reboot of starfox or something?
so is this ever fucking coming out? this demo reel or whatever came out like 3 years ago.
This is offensive on a lot of levels, quite the triumph.
love how the description wants it to be so current, despite its age
Sorry, I really should make the time to keep up to date with the latest in furry anime.

They're rabbits because of a pun.

Usagi = U.S.A. G.I.

Carry on.

Look, I'll take a frowny face on that from a lot of people. But not from you. You can just fuck off with your frowny emoticon.


/| __
/ | ,-~ /
Y :| // /
| jj /( .^
/ Y
j o o |
( ~T~ j
>._-' _./
/ "~" |
Y _, |
/| ;-"~ _ l
/ l/ ,-"~ \
\//\/ .- \
Y / Y
l I !
]\ _\ /"\
(" ~----( ~ Y. )

Jet Bin Fever
dupity dupity dupe!

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