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Desc:Look at how portable it is!
Category:Advertisements, Science & Technology
Tags:radio shack, brick, cellphone, portable, netbook
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Comment count is 24
That POS cant even play Brickbreaker.
I'm pretty sure my ex's father had one of these in his car all the way up until 1997.
Outdated technology! Five stars!
The Mothership
I worked at Radio Shack while an undergrad; you have no fucking idea how backwards that place is.

As someone who has bought batteries, I have to tell you that it's pretty obvious even to the customers.

scoff at The Shack all you want, they remain a profitable company year after year

Doctor Arcane
I think that kid is rocking a portable TRS-80.
Yeah, it's probably the TRS-80 model 100, which is in many ways the first "netbook" (it could even get online - it had a modem!). Hence the tag.

A great way to let everyone know you're a drug dealer.
That little bastard is gonna bring the SEC down on Daddy if he doesn't keep his mouth shut.
Jet Bin Fever
make your kid a douche at Radio Shack!
Caminante Nocturno
The official portable phone of the 80's asshole.
....of the 90's.

Amazing that even back then nobody asked: "Should these invasive pieces of shit even *be* portable?"
Sorry. Just channeling a bit of Ray Bradbury's "The Murderer" there.

1990: When your cell phone was the size of a goddamn backpack. Imagine how annoying it would be to use this in the checkout line.
That's nothing. In the 60s, mobile phones required a whole room full of relays, reel-to-reel, and blinking red lights. You needed a government grant to buy one and three secretaries working 24/7 to operate it.

It was truly a great time for impressing people with your phone.

Comes with free hernia truss.
I would love to somehow obtain, activate, and use one of those things nowadays.
So would every other hipster.

You could get it to work I'm sure. If those old modems made of wood can still load wikipedia fairly fast then one of these fatman phones can too.

You might have to build your own analog cell phone towers

I bet you could scrape a base station together using a USRP and terminate the calls over the internet. The FCC might show up with baseball bats though.

While phones have gotten smaller, answering one at a restaurant has not gotten any less douchey.
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