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Desc:You're gonna kill people if you give directions like that.
Category:Humor, Science & Technology
Tags:Star Wars, GPS, Yoda
Submitted:Robin Kestrel
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Comment count is 22
Doctor Arcane
I want R2D2.
Only C3PO and vader can understand his directions

Tired of training kids with adam's apples the size of soccer balls, Yoda uses his powers to be a dick.
A 10 second joke at most that wasn't that great to begin with.
Fuck you nerd shits.
but we're better than you.

If I thought Solro was even fit to taste the sweat from my nutsack I would hang myself.

It's okay, Dues. High school is over. You don't have to pretend anymore.

Pretending I hate shitty boring things whose only "charm" is that they refer to a movie I liked when I was ten? Yeah, I should cut that shit out.

Pretty cold dis on SolRo.

Not undeserved. Just cold.

Everyone outgrows Star Wars. But anyone who thinks they've outgrown Frank Oz-voiced muppets is actually just dead inside. And in love with SolRo.

Guess Camonk got turned on by dues discribing his tiny nutsack

Solro that was piss-weak. You are good at bland comments. You are terrible at insulting people. Figure this out for yourself and you will be happier.

It's the viral marketing shaky zoomcam!
Well, that made me never want to buy a TomTom.
Rum Revenge
I'll buy two and we can both have one.

It was a charming little joke.
I think your selling it short.

They ran out of jokes around 1:22. After that was filler.
Post-prequel-era Yoda reference: auto -5 stars

+10 for, oh I don't know. Levers or something.
Ludo Smell Bad
fuck da haters yo
Kind of tired of Star Wars, personally. Maybe it can go away for a while so we can all appreciate it more or something?
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