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Desc:Koreans eat octopus live and squirming.
Category:Horror, Educational
Tags:Octopus, food, WTF Korea
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Comment count is 12
I don't really like raw dead octopus, maybe live octopus taste different. I should try this if i go to korea.
North or South? North I couldn't fault for eating anything they can get their hands on.
A camera crew was allowed inside, thus, South.

This feels horribly cruel somehow. Even though killing it before eating it is basically the same thing.
I dunno. I figure any of it's other natural predators are going to deal it the same fate.

It's actually pretty rarely eaten in this form and usually only by old folks that confuse famine food with traditional food. It far more commonly served dead and boiled and delicious in paejeon with green peppers and leeks.

Oh, and for those that think it's cruel, it's just the way it is here. All the animals are treated like shit and slaughtered inhumanely in this country. It's either become a vegetarian of deal with that truth while you are here.
err...OR deal, I mean.

There is at least a tiny difference between inhumanely killing livestock because we're lazy/cheap, and deliberately inhumanely killing an octopus because it's somehow better that way. I honestly don't know which is worse, but it's at least a little different.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Wasn't there a Star Trek episode about this?
How is it that around the world, throughout time, eating something still alive is perceived by that culture as having supernatural health benefits? I'm not the only one who has noticed this right?
Syd Midnight
You can't consume their hit points if they have no hit points

Maybe because humans are often eaten alive by other aspects of nature, making it the thing to do?

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