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Desc:Surprise! Nickelback sucks.
Tags:nickelback, sucks, what hell sounds like, talentless hacks
Submitted:The God of Biscuits
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Comment count is 33
Nickelback became the new Creed?
Creed is better.

Huh. I actually said that.

I believe "talentless hacks" is an active tag.
it actually sounds a lot better like this. not that that's saying much.
What hell sounds like? The songs overlap so nicely I'd argue this actually improves them. Maybe if you added in a third Nickleback song...
Yeah, and get rid of the godawful shit singing and guitar and bass.

The drumming is adequate.

La Loco
I think the third Nicklback song makes it perfect.


Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I thought about submitting a Creed + Nickleback doubler but it's not worth the risk of facing the Hague for crimes against humanity.

well, if Q Unit's still around, I think you'll be safe.

hey look everybody, it's nickelback's NUMBER ONE FAN: Vaidency!!!

Up until now I actually thought these were the same song.
Turns out you were pretty much right.

that man wears a "gelled perm". someone please explain
otherwise known as a "germ"

I once read an article explaining that Nickelback was actually good, and all the haters had it wrong. It sure was a lot of words.
I remember that article, and I think the gist of it was more "despite being horrible by every metric known Nickleback still sells a lot of albums." I took it more as a comment on the poor taste of the general public than of Nickleback itself.

Most hit songs are written by taking someone else's hit song and then changing the words and the melody. They're just cutting out the middleman.
This was originally called "Nickelback vs. Nickelback," back in '03. That was pretty funny back then.
Ha ha. When the "melodies" start up, it's amazing.

With one set of words in each ear, it's like those old cartoons with an angel and a devil on either shoulder. But both of them are just whiny douchebags with fashionable facial hair.
This is better like this. I say that sincerely, it's a better song.
Good ol' Chad Krueger has openly admitted to not caring about artistic integrity. He said he's in it for the money, and I, for better or worse, respect him for that.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I hate Nickelback, but I got to the point where I wondered if it was too cliche to hate them, since so many did. Thank you for reminding me that I truly take pleasure in despising everything they have ever done, and ever will do.
5 stars for the business category.
I hadn't even noticed that. Nice.

One star for being ancient. There was a Linkin Park one, too. These came out when these songs were still relatively freshly on the radio.
The God of Biscuits
Hating Nickelback never went out of style

I...I only heard one song?

Am I going deaf or are the just that alike?
It's only possible to notice the difference in the lyrics.

Magical Man from Happy-Land
holy shit fucking OLD
Yeah, it's old. On the other hand, sometimes you have to examine these artifacts from earlier stages of the internet to understand how we got to where we are today.
everything old is old again
Gunny McRifleson
This reminds me of when Rick Rubin accidentally put two different vocal tracks on Slayer's "Temptation" and improved it. Somehow 2 shit songs mashed up becomes surprisingly listenable.
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