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Desc:Two gals discuss what will kill you at the supermarket
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:food, supermarket, women, truth, thetruthergirls
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Comment count is 23
From now on I will mentally categorize every food as either "superfood" or "will kill you."
Know what else would kill these bitches at the supermarket?


I don't believe they're serious.
Also: nitrates in sausages will kill you? Your fucking digestive system makes nitrates! YOU'RE GOING TO KILL YOU!!!

Even before I clicked this I knew they wouldn't mention the incredible amounts of carcinogenic chemicals in shampoo, soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, and makeup.
wtf japan
Irradiated food sounds more likely to give you super powers than to kill you. Salmonella and botulism, on the other hand, are completely organic, additive-free, and almost guaranteed to kill you--or at least ruin your week.

Shitty joke, way too long.

Besides killing you, pomegranate juice is fucking gross.
Are these girls on meth?
Also, youtube comments.

5 minutes ago
Tell me im crazy, but i used to think that marshmallows were made with the bones of jews killed during world war 2. Everyone is always looking for the evidence, and id tell them "every time you eat a marshmallow." I just dont buy the whole "pig bone" story. lol

10 minutes ago @mechan9
- this is porn. This is porn for your big head. I got off on this. Especially every time they said "it will kill you". OHH BAYBEE - Oh and the way they handled the packaging with their woman-hands...thanks Sonia and Karen, I have to shower now.....

51 minutes ago
Listening to these chicks is like listening to my gay brother.  Annoying, totally melodramatic and afraid of all the wrong things.

We need more of these crazy assholes in the world.

The one in the glasses is a tranny, right?
She's Daria gone way way wrong.

They really have me fooled as to whether or not they're just fucking around, so I guess that means they win.
Rodents of Unusual Size
My sarcasm detector just broke.

Close your eyes and it sounds like Amelie Gillette took a wrong turn in life.
irradiated =/= radioactive
The God of Biscuits
I thought this was a joke, but from some of their videos, I'm just not sure. The crazies in America really are sometimes like this.

So, 5 stars.
Syd Midnight
The key to spotting genuine crazy is sheer volume. A 2 page crazy rant may be the work of a troll, but a 200 page rant is not.

310 videos and counting..

Spit Spingola
I love these girls.
That's not how you pronounce 'acai' you dumb cunt! It's ah-sigh-ee.

Also, when you get right down to it, the only thing that can really kill you is death. It's just that pretty much everything on earth can lead to death.
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