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Desc:This is going on inside your cells right now.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:science, dna, molecular
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Comment count is 16
This is false because who created the big bang? A monkey? Answer me that, scientist.
Sudan no1
I wish I had the same work ethic my cells have.
I was going to say something clever, but my mind is fucking blown.
Dread Pirate Roberts
Likewise. I'm quite a vocal atheist, but stuff like this... well, it makes me wonder if life IS an invention of something much stranger. It's just almost too intense to imagine this kind of stuff just starting to work, even if over millions of years. Not saying a god, but like an intelligence or something outside of our understanding..... like we're a lab project or something...

I'll shut up now.

Johnny Madhouse
Actually, the more you study this, the less an intelligent being seems plausible. It's all very slapdash, and evolution hasn't really PERFECTED anything so much as it has made things GOOD ENOUGH. Much of the genome isn't even ever transcribed into proteins, and in fact only survives because it is very good at repeating itself and injecting into new zones of DNA.

I would recommend The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. It's a good book about the chaotic chemical evolution that drives biological evolution, and it is written for fairly smart people who don't have a lot of biology background.

Here's a fun bit of math! With six feet (or for this calculation, 2 meters) of DNA in every cell, and approximately 10^13 cells in the human body, the total length of DNA in the human body is about 2x10^13 meters. This is the equivalent of about 134 astronomical units, or about 66 round trips from the earth to the sun and back.

Most of that DNA is useless.

Johnny Madhouse
I should say, the less an intelligent CREATOR seems plausible or necessary. My sense of wonder is piqued regardless, though. Life is cool enough without an outside director.

Sanest Man Alive
It's beautiful.
so awesome and creepy at the same time. i am humbled by a tiny cell in my own body.

Koda Maja
I'm glad my DNA isn't as lazy as I am.
Holy hell, working nanotechnology is going to be so awesome.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Fuckin' miracles.
Frank Rizzo
how do they work?

What are YOU doing with the products of your industrious nano-assembler subcomponents today?
I bet I could run that genetic copying mechanism with half the wasted DNA--and the savings would be passed right to the consumer.
None of these processes give a fuck about you or what you do with your life, so obviously you shouldn't either.
Hope those dudes are good at making bones, muscles, ligaments, and teeth, because my jaw just fucking DROPPED
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