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Desc:'The power of Christ compels you to next him!'
Tags:Mormons, Jehovahs Witness, mainstage sketch, io west, mss
Submitted:Mainstage Sketch
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Comment count is 4
Adham Nu'man
Sucks big time.
K. Brass
Why do gay characters have to be stereotypical nancies that sound like Truman Capote? Aren't we past the point of having homosexual men represented by lisping and limp wrist mannerisms? I think people who would be interested in this video would be hip enough that they wouldn't need the traditional cues that the characters you're portraying are gay.

I'm confused by the southern accent. Jehovah's Witnesses aren't identified or confined to the American south. Usually evangelicals with southern accents are from the fire-and-brimstone set or crazy snake handler types. In fact, why do they even need southern accents?

And I guess you're making a point about how some bible thumpers who preach against homosexuality are in denial about their own sexuality. But why not go with Mormons since the Church of Latter-Day Saints is behind a lot of resistance to gay rights? You have the tag for "Mormons" and I hope you don't think they're the same as a Jehovah's Witness.

And the punchline could be seen coming a mile away.
Adham Nu'man
I didn't even make it to the "punchline".

The whole point of the video seems to be "Jehova's Witnesses/religious people are secretly gay; gay people are funny".

I don't mind a few people getting offended if you are a) actually funny, and b) actually have something to communicate through it, but people need to be careful because otherwise they end up with this kind of shit.

La Loco
They are dressed more like Mormons than Jehovah's Witnesses, JWs will wear all sorts of colored ties or dress shirts. Also, you're not allowed to have long hair or sideburns and be a preacher. Goaties are usually frowned upon too.

Also, nothing is funny here, except maybe the amount of money these turd's parents probably paid for drama school.
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