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Desc:Strangely mesmerizing.
Category:General Station
Tags:candy, snack, edible foam, pseudo ice cream, tedious stirring
Submitted:Macho Nacho
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Comment count is 14
Squeamish - 2010-07-19
It looks like frog crap.

I am not impressed.
Urburos - 2010-07-19
You can't beat the taste of Froggy Doo's!

Binro the Heretic - 2010-07-19
No it doesn't. frogs leave little dark worm-looking tubes of poop. We have to spray copious amounts of the stuff off the back patio every morning during the warm months.

It does look like chicken shit, however.

poorwill - 2010-07-19
I wish we got frogs everywhere. They are the best.

Frank Rizzo - 2010-07-19
looks like an ass at the end
RocketBlender - 2010-07-19
Quick snack shouldn't take nearly 3 minutes and multiple utensils.
pathetique - 2010-07-19
i'd like to point out that really, he only needed one. best part is when he sets down the one spoon that would've worked just fine and picks up the other spoon.

Jeriko-1 - 2010-07-19
Bought to you by Deathfingers!
Boxhead - 2010-07-19
No shit. Judging from those emaciated fingers and unkempt fingernails my personal vision of the body falls somewhere between Steve Buscemi and a Hobo Spider.

PhunkThisNoise - 2010-07-19
I want to know what happens when you just eat the mix straight from the packet.

Or what happens if you mix it with vodka.
Longshot- - 2010-07-19
Anything goes great with vodka.

garcet71283 - 2010-07-20

FeeFiFoFoTheFifeFifeBrown - 2010-07-19
So I guess we learned that the bigger and shinier the grins on the packaging mascots' faces, the farther and faster you should run?
Robin Kestrel - 2010-07-19
Needs a "tedious stirring" tag.
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