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Desc:A Wes Anderson Production
Category:Short Films, Humor
Tags:parody, indie, film, God of War, Wes Anderson
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Comment count is 24
Rodents of Unusual Size
Now those are some blades of chaos.
Should have been about a 90 seconds shorter.
should have been all eyeballs

That guy
Should have been a boot crushing Wes Anderson's face forever

And here I was all ready to hate this.
yeah holy shit

Dread Pirate Roberts
I was honestly surprised at how much I loved this... and not because I like Wed Anderson at all, but because it is a great rendition of his style.

Decent concept, great direction, amazing Camera, okay sound, fucking horrible acting.
That's just about ANY Wes Anderson review, care to be specific?

I think he's referring to the Wes Anderson film with Bill Murray in it.

It helps if the things you say make any sort of sense.

That guy
I dunno if the acting was horrible, but there are a few bad line reads, where the only goal was to blunt the character's/actor's affectations, and not what was going on beneath that.

This really makes me want to watch a Wes Anderson film. Also, great music.
Hay Belly
I don't know, I mean I love Wes Anderson and all, but these people are so flat and humorless it's absurd. Needs aspergers tag.

That was fucking great, probably the best "fake [director] movie" trailer I've ever seen. I'm as surprised as anybody.

What struck me more than anything was that you can tell IMMEDIATELY that Medusa is Anjelica Huston.
Don't take this away from me! It is just retarded enough to work.

"Did he hurt you?"

"Sort of. He told me he loves me."

Perfectly Wes Anderson.

also bonus stars for girl who plays athena.
fookin' brilliant
Billy the Poet
What's the song? I can't place it.
Home is wherever I'm with you , Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

This is basically the best I could hope for from a Wes Anderson parody. This and the McCain promo.

Holy crap
Wes Anderson movies are what happens when Catcher in the Rye fags realize their own mortality.
That would be deeply profound if it made the slightest bit of fucking sense.

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