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Desc:Insufferable guitar playing dick steals kingofhobo's dream woman, Also anotherPOEN poster mentioned?
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:girls, dating, thetruthergirls, POEN GUEST STAR
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Comment count is 11
Dread Pirate Roberts
Whoah... third runner up is creepy as fuck.
Learning to shoot a rifle or a drill is NOT a creepy first date.

Comrade Admiral
bo knows dating

Shanghai Tippytap
i really had my fingers crossed for tfl bill
Fuck. Dat. Ho. Everyone knows sonia is the hotter and crazier one.
the way that chick stares at the other chick when she's talking creeps me out

Sonia has a younger, demented Nina Hartley thing going on...

So which one of these embarrassing motherfuckers posts here?

Wow, insane broads can be sexy too! Giggle!
Playing guitar is impressive? What?

The best guitar players I have ever met never got laid. The mediocre ones always did.
John Holmes Motherfucker
If she ain't vaccinated, I ain't kissing her!
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