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Desc:POEtv's Safe for Work XXX returns with an all-new station intro! Oh and some left4dead porn.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:porn, L4D, survival horror, left4dead, xxx parody
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Comment count is 20
Shanghai Tippytap - 2010-07-20
What the fuck is this? Is this us? Why is this us?
WHO WANTS DESSERT - 2010-07-20
Shanghai Tippytap: But then, why... Why does he keep protecting us?
WHO WANTS DESSERT: Maybe because... Polar Bear is inside each one of us!

FatFatuousNation - 2010-07-20
I laughed. I cried. I masturbated furiously.
memedumpster - 2010-07-20
That polar bear is a menace to the universe. I wish it was its own clip.
citrusmirakel - 2010-07-20
Oh look, I'm terrible.
I'll five star that.
Preybyemail - 2010-07-20
Fuck Left4dead, somebody deploy countermeasures against that fucking bear.
biclops - 2010-07-20
2 for Tesh, 2 for filming something on a green screen and saying "fuck it" and leaving it green, 1 for having a credit in the video.
K. Brass - 2010-07-20
I have no idea what's going on or what this is about. Five god damn stars.
fatatty - 2010-07-20
Nice ass.
wtf japan - 2010-07-20
On July 20, 2010 PoETV became self-aware...
Caminante Nocturno - 2010-07-20
So are they going to base one of the mutations off of this or what?
Candlejackv616 - 2010-07-20
Bullshit she just freed herself from a Smoker!

That said, that Bear almost had me in tears of laughter, thanks JimL2.
fatatty - 2010-07-20
Once the Smoker has ejaculated he will release his hold long enough to take a piss and make a sandwich.

sosage - 2010-07-20
That bear footage is a dupe. That is not very POETV-like of POETV.
hughmanatee - 2012-05-31
I can't bear it any more

Dicknuts - 2010-07-20
Jim, you have a history of posting porn related videos. Keep up the good work bud!

Also, bear video by itself: http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=73495
Hooper_X - 2010-07-28
So basically all zombie attacks are rape. THANK YOU CATHERINE MCKINNON.
mudl - 2011-04-04

FABIO - 2011-06-24
It worked for 28 Days Later.

Jet Bin Fever - 2010-10-16
I was hoping the boomer would get in on the action... other than the semi-bukkake that is.
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