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Desc:Somehow, it didn't. The kinetic energy a crashing car can retain is always amazing to me.
Category:Horror, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:crash, Race, leon, seat, kinetic energy
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Comment count is 12
RocketBlender - 2010-07-22
5 stars for no one dying. That's incredible by itself.
SixDigitDebt - 2010-07-22
Awesome crashes should be the entire point of autoracing.
kingofthenothing - 2010-07-22

they aren't?

Oktay - 2010-07-22
We are worse than the ancient Romans!

fedex - 2010-07-22
memedumpster - 2010-07-22
That's not a shortcut, dude.
takewithfood - 2010-07-22
Oo, ugly gutterball. Death will need to step back and focus if he's going to pick up the spare.
chumbucket - 2010-07-22
he really should have saved that one for the finish line
voodoo_pork - 2010-07-22
"Race Stopped"

rustedmutt - 2010-07-22
We're gonna need a taller fence.
Robin Kestrel - 2010-12-30
It almost seems to speed up after that first flip... and also change direction, almost like it is going after those spectators.
Killer Joe - 2011-06-28
Or the scientists and engineers that put together the car designed to fall apart to save the person inside.
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