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Desc:See, I made up a little story to describe what is happening here
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:cat, e.t., speech, CATegory, Tiggy
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Comment count is 26
At first, I was like, "where the hell is this title going?" And then somewhere around :10, I started laughing. A lot.
La Loco
Can I has E.T.?


He was a symbol of what this kitchen stood for in it's finest hours, and he let me climb him. That is why we are here today.
Frank Rizzo
fuck I
Frank Rizzo
god damnit, I meant to say "fuck I *less-than-number-3* poetv" but poetv sucks ass and has seizes and shits all over itself whenever it feels like it.

Adham Nu'man
"Fuck I" was a great comment, but then you gone spoil it with your explanations and shit.

fuck I???? no, fuck U!!!!!!

oh and cattalking5stars

The Townleybomb
I'M NOT ALONE. I'M NOT ALONE. I'M NOT ALONE. Pretty sure he's channelling some malevolent space entity.
RIP Tiggy (1990 - 2010)

(cue 21-gun salute followed by an overhead flight of F-16s in the Missing Man formation)
asian hick
At least she lived a really long time.

Also, this video completely confused my kitties. Stars.

Hooray for talking/dedication cat!! Only, this video made my cats wig out and go looking for another cat.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Farewell, talking kitty :(

I declare this statue: OPEN
Just like last time this guy freaked my cat out.
One of my cats would make such speeches - after she caught some random household item she'd bring it to the front landing of the house and tell us all about it, often at 3 AM. Brings back memories, so five stars.
Plan B
Had to be said.

i like the story you have made up.
Without the story, this is a four star video. With the story, it is a million star video and it gets favourited.
Lauritz Melchior

you'll always be my baby if you deliver titles like that!
Caminante Nocturno
She wrote that speech herself.
I feel like I've just heard something wise and profound.
Jet Bin Fever
Surprisingly eloquent.
Try applauding politely for a few seconds starting at 0:22. 'S fun.
Killer Joe
"Let us not forget the love that the alien brought to us. He symbolized all that was great within us."
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