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Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:conspiracy, onion, ONN, martial law, gullible people
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Comment count is 11
La Loco
This is a better onn clip. The Onion is Awesome. I think people of disagree with me are grade A (classified)holes.
To the internet, the technology that was supposed to unite us all but instead let us fracture into nigh-incomprehensible groups.
Now, now. America's tinfoil hatters can't be expected to check whether or not "The Onion" is a real news source. If they either came out of their bunkers or went on to the NORMAL (government controlled) internet, they might get brainwashed by subliminal messages like the rest of us sheeple.
Obviously you're already conditioned to view this as Enter-Tam-Mind. WAK UP SHEEPLE!

regarding the linked image, I like to imagine Billy Herring's nickname is "Red"
That picture made me throw up a little.

The best is the dude who is told it's fake and insists that it's real and that he's seen the actual bill and that he'll prove it later.
Robin Kestrel
Nice job sounding shaken on "...far surpassing our darkest nightmares".
How are we supposed to take Republicans seriously when they are this gullible and disconnected to the real world?
Innocent Bystander
I rate this clip (classified) stars!
For "our tax dollars at work." I'd like to believe that some of these are Onion employees but, well... there's a reason that the Poe's law page has a link to the Onion at the bottom of it.
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