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Desc:Don't mess with an angry Ukrainian on a subway.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:seinfeld, Kramer, Ukraine, risk, Newman
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Comment count is 20
I have a friend in the Peace Corps in the Ukraine right now. This will be fun to send him.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
The Peace Corps have volunteers in the Ukraine??

I had a friend that went there, too.

Apparently they told him it was a bad idea to say you're gay, so he had to politely decline offers of sex from many desperate women before his time was up.

Next time I am single I am going to Ukraine.

That's racist.
My best friend never really watched Seinfeld (and yet we're still friends for some reason) and so she never understands why things like this.
Sometimes I don't understand why things like this either.

Hmm. It's entirely possible that the words "I say" are missing from somewhere in that sentence. But then again, monkey purple airplane delightfully.

Although technically a loss, I think spiritually that's a win for Newman
this has me pondering if they ever invented "Travel Risk"
Just about every other major board game I can think of has a travel variant, but I don't think Risk does. It's probably because fitting all your guys on a travel-size board would require some tiny-ass pieces, and then some toddler chokes to death.

Frank Rizzo
having been in nyc for the last 3 weeks, I dont think I would be surprised to see this on the subway.

having the board like that without the pieces getting all fucked up is highly unlikely and enhances the comedic aspect of this clip.
Frank Rizzo
super awesome replay point at 0:45

When I was in NYC everyone just sat in silence plugged into iPods, staring at the floor. That combined with the way the trains always sound like they're crashing was kind of disturbing.

La Loco
Go to myopenbar.com Frank, it's cheaper to drink here than to ride the train.

Just statistically - somewhere, at some time, two guys have actually played a game of Risk on a NYC subway.
This show was never funny.

At best episodes were Onion articles: potentially amusing concept, strangled in execution.
Hey look, guys, Fabio doesn't like something.

al k duh
fabio also talks like rorschach. five stars!

I love Risk, and I have to admit that "I COME FROM UKRAINE!" has made it into way, way too many of my games.
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