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Desc:Oh French Stewart, how low you have sunk. Amazingly awful, from the makers of Baby Geniuses
Category:Trailers, Horror
Tags:awful, pauly shore, French Stewart, the worst movies ever made
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 15
Made it till 1:55. Christ, Itīs like watching your grandparents make out.
It's not that French Stewart is selling himself short, it's that Dick Van Patten is alive.
French Stewart surely has sunk low from the dizzying heights his magnificent body of work once attained. To earn the status of an unmatched comedic legend and suddenly fall from Hollywood's grace is basically a fucking Greek tragedy in career form. O French, this world deserveth you not.

And of course, when French Stewart hit rock bottom, Pauly Shore had been waiting for him.
This is actually a big step up for Paulie Shore. Good for him.

This is the best movie ever made!
This actually exists? Fuck.
with Pauly Fucking Shore!
No redeeming value. Freaky Friday, I could at least wack off to that one.
Next up: Purple Nurple, THE MOVIE
Plan B
This is a -weird- remake of Baby Police.
0:42 implying there will be babies having babies....if you know what I mean.

But my favorite is little Edward Furlong and Katie Holmes arguing at 0:50
I figured they'd get around to making a sequel to Benjamin Button sooner or later.
Caminante Nocturno
If you hate children so much, why are you making movies for them?
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