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Desc:I'll be honest, I just think that accent is tops
Category:Advertisements, Business
Tags:giraffe, bored sluts, opulence, solid gold everything, facingbook
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Comment count is 16
I would watch an entire HBO miniseries featuring this man
I almost commented on how it would probably be impossible for a young woman to lift 6 bars of gold at around 55 pounds each like that...

Then I saw the miniature giraffe.
Well duh, it's gilded chocolate.

Most premiums tyelevisions peckage.
Sean Robinson
FASCINATINGLY, this isn't Aragorn, but rather Tim V. Murphy, who played Seth in National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets.

I love the little dance he does.
Turn off annotations to see my favorite joke at the end
needs a "dogs playing poker" tag
That guy
Needs "bored sluts" tag!!! (This is an active tag.)

Wait, so we're back to making fun of Russians again? Except now it's like they're ridiculous kleptocrats instad of commies?
What makes you think we ever stopped making fun of Russians? Ha ha, they toil in misery in Siberian turnip farms for a weekly ration of one drop of vodka! Except for this guy, and Putin. Also: fuzzy hats!

Fact: They have that funny falling down and squatting up quickly dance.

Fact: You can make them bleed. They are not machines. They are men.

wtf japan
I think he's supposed to be Swedish or Norwegian, actually. He's probably just showcasing the gold ration he receives on a monthly basis from his oppressive socialist government.

Twink, are you realy so naive as to imply that Putin can bleed?

looks like the beginnings of another hit commercial like geico cavemen or something. get this man a sitcom that bombs immediately!
Dethklok, Behind the Music.
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