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Desc:The redhead is Janine Turner from Northern Exposure :(
Category:Religious, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:yoga, :(, christoga, janine turner
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Meatsack Jones
How can she talk and smile like that?! Fucking creepy. Also, watch others as they have named each move something dippily christian.
King of the Hill can't help but be true to life, all the time.

Her face is frozen like that from whatever she is pumping into it to avoid aging. This is pretty terrible.
Well, what the hell am I going to call my togas for Christians business now?

Hammer Falls
For the video and for this comment. I thought the same thing at first- togas for Christ.

faith in fitness...yeah, see how far that gets you 3 months into this and gaining 10 pounds
I dunno, apart from the creepy Evangel-o Brand makeup and hair, Janine is looking pretty fine.

I'm betting you have a house full of RonCo products

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I'm surprised Everything is Terrible hasn't gotten ahold of this.
Caminante Nocturno
In this issue of Fantastic Adventures: CHRISTOGA THE UNSTOPPABLE!
Personally, I am having a very hard time watching this video as Janine Turner's exposed navel is causing me to feel sinful urges. This video is not very christlike.
(Also, if you turn your screen upside down, the set looks like something out of an Ozzy video.)

Did they steal the background props from a vampire LARP?
i know! did you see that star in a circle candle stand? thats pretty close to a pentagram!

Another one of those "damn it, I used to think she was hot" scenarios. I mean she still is, but like in the way old pictures of Marilyn Monroe are still hot even though she's been dead a long time.
Their primary objection is the "Namaste" saying, seriously. They'd be right up to it if it was "Ave Maria" or something.
Now find me Hasidic zazen.
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