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Desc:Why the hell would they ban this?
Category:Classic TV Clips, Crime
Tags:whiskey, pingu, poorly tagged submissions
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Comment count is 13
Wait a minute. Pingu speaks real words?!?!?!?!
And he fights about something with his brother regarding Pokemon and Digimon?

I was under the impression that Pingu spoke gibberish and was done back in the 60s.
They're "funny" subtitles by some kid, everything is sex this and drugs this. And everyone's go cerebral palsy, it seems.

My favorite Pingu is the one where he delivers the mail because he hits a bump in the road on his sled and clearly says, "OH muddafucka!"

Caminante Nocturno
Pingu seems to lead a very unhappy life.
Thank God for the subtitles.
I loved the fuck out of this show.

Also: I definitely saw this episode on TV. Maybe it's worse to Sweeds.
It's the classic Youtube trick to gain more views. Label it as 'banned' and everyone wants to see it to confirm this.

Spoiler: Pingu doesn't rape a walrus.
I remember seeing this on Canadian television. It was the first and only episode of Pingu I'd ever seen, and I distinctly remember flipping through the channels and oh hey, claymation penguin pissing on a toliet seat. I found out much later that this was a kids show and became very confused.
They animated a whole load of new episodes in Britain where no-one is pissing or puking or shitting everywhere and then took the offensive episodes out of circulation, which is like making a hundred new Andy Capps where no-one beats their wife (pointless).
Little Brother Piplup used Urine Gun!

This was great. More kids' shows should be like this.
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