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Desc:Pretty self explanatory
Category:Humor, Pets & Animals
Tags:kids, WHAT THE, China, child ball, hamster ball
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Comment count is 10
Herr Matthias - 2006-10-31
Now the Chinese even have cooler toys than us. Depressing.
Vicious - 2006-10-31
So are these the ones they couldn't bear to drown? sorry.
erix - 2006-10-31
Is this what Wayne Coyne uses when he rolls over the audience?
RockBolt - 2006-10-31
I hope someone is keeping track of the time before the O2 runs out
athodyd - 2006-10-31
Why won't they let the orange one out?
bopeton - 2006-11-01
Doesn't look very fun, they just fall and get frustrated alot.
underaneonhalo - 2006-11-01
5 for the girl that gets pushed at :35, I could knock little chinese girls down all day!
Caminante - 2006-11-04
Imagine millions of these rolling across the sea towards America.
blackbetta - 2006-11-05
Loved the techno remix of "Happy Feet." Icing on the cake.
FABIO2 - 2008-03-09
Not one single Prisoner joke. I'm disappointed in all of you.
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