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Desc:One of the great moments in Counter-Strike history
Tags:video games, Counter-Strike, door stuck, genuine dick sucker
Submitted:The God of Biscuits
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Comment count is 16
Hunter S Thompson?
Mike Tyson?!
Genuine dick sucker.
I look forward to the activation of that tag

I love how fast he goes from his retarded rap to screaming and begging not to be stuck for a few seconds in a videogame.
Every single clip from Counterstrike I have ever seen makes it look like the worst game ever.
Every single clip from Counterstrike I have ever seen makes it look like the best game ever.

This video more or less summarizes my experience with Counter-Strike.
Frank Rizzo
can someone explain wtf is going on? I dont play games.
These two gentlemen have apparently come to have a disagreement on how to best roleplay as bloodthirsty terrorists in the popular online RPG "Counterstrikes". Player one is portraying "Rodreigo", a hotblooded latin revolutionary who has been pushed to his mental limits by months of isolation in the group's mountain hideout; this combined with a crippling opium habit has led to a complete emotional breakdown manifested by a savage knife attack on his fellow teammate. That would be player two, whose character "Khalid" is a young mujahadeen from the countryside of Pakistan who loves building IEDs and listening to Snoop Dogg's Rhythm & G: Tha Masterpiece. He is quite nonplussed by the sudden betrayal, as the lord Allah has seen fit to make his skin impervious to bladed weapons. However, things soon deteriorate when the American forces approach the compound and player two is trapped in a doorway by player one, causing a a sudden departure from In Character communication. It is suggested that player one regularly performs oral sex on men in real life. For their unwise deviation into Out Of Character dialog, the GM smites them both with a "Cast Frag Grenade" spell.

Holy shit.

CapnJesusHood wins the internet.

Except those gentlemen are counter-terrorists, not terrorists. Long paragraph fail.

Big Muddy
Slavering idiot win.

The best thing about this is that there isn't anything he says that a counter-terrorism commando might not say in a similar situation.

I mean, normally you'd think they'd maintain radio silence or something, but maybe he just really loves to rap, and then...

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