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Desc:Alex Jones exposes the shocking truth that vaccines are actually modified viruses, etc...
Category:News & Politics, Science & Technology
Tags:conspiracy, alex jones, cognitive dissonance, vaccines, THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!
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Comment count is 16
Toenails - 2010-08-06
Why am I not surprised a deranged psychotic is so scared of the effects from Lithium?
augias - 2010-08-06
Just love that its called INFO WARS, man.
memedumpster - 2010-08-06
Is Big Pharma and Big Brother corrupt enough to consider doing something like this? Probably, but I doubt they can conceive of a human which is dumber than we are while somehow being more productive. Robots are a better use of that NWO money.
Spit Spingola - 2010-08-06
I love Alex Jones and I'm absolutely terrified of him.
Zarathustra00 - 2010-08-06
I expect I'll be posting more of these from now on. I recently found out that one of my old friends has become a die hard Alex Jones follower. Hopefully he'll soon move past emailing everyone in his address book videos like this and instead start creating his own videos.
Severian - 2010-08-06
@2:05 "You cannot make this up."

I can't watch more than 3 minutes of this retard at one time -- it makes me too sick and angry.

AM Talk Radio is itself like some kind of brain virus.

kingarthur - 2010-08-07
He and Jenny McCarthy should have a baby with easily preventable terminal illness.
Testicles of Doom - 2010-08-10

Udderdude - 2010-08-07
This guy could convince himself UFOs are flying around in his breakfast cereal.
cognitivedissonance - 2010-08-07
I love it when I'm a tag. Stars all around.
Vestigial Johnson - 2010-08-07
4:45 or so when it shows hits from a google search as if it's SHOCKING and DAMNING EVIDENCE

also did he say they're going to give me antidepressants rather than set my broken leg? bummer! Uh I mean....it's all gooood....zzzz
Archon - 2010-08-07
I was disappointed that he didn't scream like a goat.

pastorofmuppets - 2010-08-07
C'mon Alex, that's eugenics talk bro.
The God of Biscuits - 2010-08-07
The computer in the background at 7:40 PROVES EVERYTHING
The God of Biscuits - 2010-08-07
Also, stars.

GeneralJameson - 2010-08-07
Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding contradictory ideas simultaneously...wait a sec.... is that Capt. Kirk?

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