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Desc:In Washington state, owlets run for cover while their parents keep an eye out for birds of prey.
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:owl, burrowing owls
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Comment count is 18
oh my god so cute
is this footage from the new live action Futurama movie?
We're owl exterminators!

I love owls.
motherfucking burrow owls
Timothy A. Bear
Cheney with gun
Justin Beiber eating chicken
wtf japan
Those are some weird looking meerkats.
Goofy Gorilla
I like the one that runs out at :28 all being, "what the HELL are you owls doing, huh? What?"
asian hick
The other night, I go out in my yard, and there's
the Wurster kid, looking up in the tree. I say, "What are
you looking for?" He says "I'm looking for my burrow owl."
I say, "Jumping Jesus on a Pogo Stick. Everybody knows
the burrow owl lives. In a hole. In the ground. Why the hell do you
think they call it a burrow owl, anyway?" Now Stuart, do you
think a kid like that is going to know what the queers are
doing to the soil?
With a name like "Asain Hick", I'm surprised you know of that.

Mom owl passes judgement on the cameraman starting at 1:20ish.

"And you; you're just being a peeping tom during all of this! Aren't you ashamed? Who raised you?
0:27 - Did you guys hear something?!? Shh!! Listen! Did you hear that?
Do they sublet from prairie dogs?
So, we have determined that in owl language, standing on one leg means "The coast is clear!".
You know what, Stewart? I LIKE you!
Sanest Man Alive
a reading of Plato's lesser-known work, "The OWLegory of the Cave"

owls? in my burrow?
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